Programming Attiny2313 with Arduino Uno

The 2313 processor is a 20 pin chip with 17 I/O pins, it do not have a ADC (analog/digital converter)
It can be configured to run at 1 MHz and 8 MHz without External Crystal/Resonator

A comparison of the Tiny-family

2313 pinoutConnection to Arduino

Download the Tiny-core here:
Follow the instructions in the readme.txt file

Connect your Arduino to the Attiny according to the picture to the right

connection to Arduino:

Arduino Attiny2313
13 19 PB7/SCK
12 18 PB6/MISO
11 17 PB5/MOSI
10 1 PA2/Reset
5v 20 VCC



//                   +-\/-+

//      (D 17) PA2  1|    |29  VCC

// RX   (D  0) PD0  2|    |19  PB7 (D  16)

// TX   (D  1) PD1  3|    |18  PB6 (D  15)

//      (D  2) PA1  4|    |17  PB5 (D  14)

//      (D  3) PA0  5|    |16  PB4 (D  13)*

// INT0 (D  4) PD2  6|    |15  PB3 (D  12)*

// INT1 (D  5) PD3  7|    |14  PB2 (D  11)*

//      (D  6) PD4  8|    |13  PB1 (D  10)

//     *(D  7) PD5  9|    |12  PB0 (D  9)

//             GND 10|    |11  PD6 (D  8)

//                   +----+


// * indicates PWM port

Coding Badly's ArduinoTinyISP

Avrdude tutorial

Avrdude, when using ArduinoISP
avrdude -P COM20 -b 19200 -p t2313 -c avrisp
Upload using TinyISP
-p attiny2313 -c stk500v1 -P COM3 -b19200 -Uflash:w:Blink.hex:i

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